A Great Way to Fill the Piping Systems – Cooling Tower Pumps and Piping – Part 9

Norm Hall
June 11, 2012
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The Xylem Bell and Gossett manual TEH-1209 has a great detail for filling the tower water system piping.

Many times the cooling tower pump is used to take water from the tower pan and fill the condenser and piping system. This can lead to pump problems due to the large flow rate of the pump compared with the small tower pan volume. The following detail provides the contractor with an easy way to fill systems.

Check, water Leg & Fill Prevent Piping to Tower Drainage - Piping system

The bleed down port is small and used to indicate the piping system is full up to the horizontal header to the towers.

Click here to request a copy of the Xylem Bell and Gossett Cooling Tower Piping technical bulletin TEH-1209

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