B & G ecocirc e3 with ECM Technology (Electronically Commutated Motor)

Norm Hall
July 11, 2011
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Bell and Gossett’s ecocirc pumps were introduced over the last few weeks. We promised to explain how the ECM technology provides more efficiency than standard induction motors.

Let’s talk about the difference between a standard induction motor vs. a permanent magnet motor.

With an induction motor, stator windings are arranged around the rotor so that when they’re energized, they create a rotating magnetic field. The magnetic field causes a current. The interaction between the rotating magnetic field and the current causes the rotor to turn. The rotor turns at a slower speed than the magnetic field. This difference in speed is called “slip” and can be thought of as a reduction in efficiency.

Permanent Magnet Motor Technology: With a permanent magnet motor, there is a permanent magnet on the rotor. Power is pulsed on and off electronically to create the magnetic field in the stator. This process is known as commutation. With the BELL AND GOSSETT E-Cubed series, the rotating magnetic field is controlled by a microprocessor which reduces current to increase efficiency. The magnets on the rotor react with the magnetic field causing the rotor to rotate. In the figure to the right, you can see how the north and south poles of the rotor and stator are interacting. There is a rotating magnetic field where the positive and negative charges are attracted to each other. No”slip” and reduced current requirements mean better efficiency.

Get ready….there will more of this technology coming in future pump introductions because of the higher efficiency it provides.

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