Laars Parts ID Now has Photos

Nicole Tilley
June 29, 2016

Laars Heating Systems announces the inclusion of parts photos in the Laars Parts ID portal!

The Laars Parts ID portal lists all parts used at the time a Laars product was built based on serial number and will indicate if a part was discontinued and what the new part number is.

Now, the most commonly ordered Laars parts have been photographed and matched to each Laars Bill of Material. When a serial number is entered into Laars Parts ID, those parts with an image will appear as blue. Simply click on the blue part number and the image of the part will open.

Laars Part ID’s new image feature will be a great help to visually match a new part with the part that requires replacement in the field.

Laars Part List for Laars Boilers and Water Heaters

Example: Part E0013000 for an Outdoor Flow Switch on a MightyTherm 2 size 750 Volume Water Heater


Some parts contain a note that a kit should be ordered. Many of these kits will also appear with a photo link within the part number description (description open by clicking on the + symbol next to part number). The kit photo may differ from the individual part as items such as gaskets, o-rings, etc. may be included in the kit.

Laars Part List for Laars Pump Volute Casting Kit

Example: Part S2056900 for a Pump Volute Casting has a kit number shown in the description. Pump Volute Casting Kit R20607600 includes new gaskets along with the volute.


We hope that this new tool makes doing business with Laars easier.

Access Laars Parts ID from the Laars website homepage or at the following link:

Contact your R.L. Deppmann salesman for more information.