Bell & Gossett Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating Label

Nicole Tilley
October 23, 2018

Bell & Gossett is the first manufacturer in the pump industry to adopt the use of Hydraulic Institute Energy Rating LabelsB&G Series e-1510 on pumps that will be regulated by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2020.

These labels are now being applied to e-80, e-80SC, e-90, e-1510, e-1531, e-1532 and e-1535 pumps that use 1-200 Hp motors in 1800 and 3600 RPM speeds.  The picture depicts how these labels are being applied to e-1510 Centrifugal Pumps.


Centrifugal Pump Energy Efficiency Information

The U.S. Department of Energy introduced Pump Energy Conservation Standards in January of 2016. These standards apply to five styles of clean water pumps in 1800 and 3600 nominal motor speeds. Pump manufacturers must sell only compliant products after January 27, 2020. Compliant products have Pump Efficiency Indexes (PEI) equal to or below 1.0 either in Constant Load (CL) or Variable Load (VL)  applications.

In support of the U.S. DOE Pump Energy Conservation Standards, the North American Pump Manufacturers Association, The Hydraulic Institute, introduced its own Energy Rating (ER) Index for clean water pumps which also requires certification of pump manufacturer’s test labs. Compliant products have Energy Rating (ER) Indexes above 1.0 either in Constant Load (CL) or Variable Load (VL) applications.

All Bell & Gossett Centrifugal Pump products already comply with U.S. Department of Energy Pump Energy Conservation Standards and Hydraulic Institute Standards for Energy Ratings. Specific PEI and ER data is shown on each pump performance curve where applicable and on the pump nameplate.  Pump Performance Curves for e-80,e-80SC, e-90, e-1510, e-1531, e-1532 & e-1535 pumps now include U.S. Department of Energy Pump Efficiency Index Data.

Visit Bell & Gossett e-Series Pumps for more information. Energy Rating Label information can be found at

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