Where Cavitation Begins – Cooling Tower Pumps and Piping

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Last week the R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minute defined NPSHR, and ended with the Hydraulic Institute (HI) definition as the absolute pressure that will cause the total head of the pump to be reduced by 3%, due to flow blockage from cavitation”. Of importance is the fact that it does not say that NPSHR is where cavitation begins.

Differences in Compression Tank and Expansion Tank Formula – Part 9

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Now we understand the difference between expansion and compression tanks as described in the R. L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes of 1-9-12 and 1-16-12. What happens to the formula results when comparing these two types of tanks? In part 1 of this series, we introduced the formula for tank sizing. The denominator of the equation was: (Pa /Pf) – (Pa /Po)