Humidifier Placement In Airstream is Critical

Chris Lieder Humidifiers, Monday Morning Minutes

Absorption or non-wetting distance is the dimension downstream from the leaving side of the steam dispersion assembly to the point where wetting will not occur, although wisps of steam may be present. Solid objects at duct air temperature, such as coils, dampers, fans, etc., downstream of this dimension will remain dry. Location A is the best choice. [Read more…]

How to Design for Proper Steam Humidification Steam Absorption

Chris Lieder Monday Morning Minutes

Humidification of buildings helps provide a healthy and comfortable work environment. The next several R.L. Deppmann Monday Morning Minutes will examine steam absorption humidification and provide solutions to some of the common issues we see on a regular basis. Dri-Steem Corporation provides a variety of products to solve the many needs in this area of the HVAC [Read more…]