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The ASME Story

ASME is best known for improving the safety of equipment used in manufacturing and construction particularly boilers and pressure vessels. The first edition of the

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The Asme Story - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Straight Edge Alignment on a Base Mounted Pump

This month’s Service Tip comes to us from Shane Lombard, R.L. Deppmann Service Technician. Have you noticed that you’re going through coupler sleeves sooner than

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Straight Edge Alignment on Base Mounted Pump

Pump Cavitation

“Pump cavitation is, by definition, the formation and subsequent collapse or implosion of vapor bubbles in a pump. This usually occurs when gaseous bubbles are

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Examples of Pump Cavitation

Measuring Flame Signal and Cleaning Flame Sensors

Most boilers use flame rectification to prove that the boiler has fired. Flame rectification is a process where a low A/C voltage is applied to

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Meter Capable of Measuring Micro amps

What Is a Flow-Limiting Cartridge or Automatic Balancing Valve?

The flow-limiting cartridge is the heart of the automatic balancing valve and lets the valve act as the maximum flow rate controller.  This maximum flow

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Flow Rate Cartridge

Why Is My New Replacement Steam Boiler Flooding?

As HVAC manufacturers have pushed to increase the efficiency of their equipment, the devices have become smaller and smaller. All that metal in the older units

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Piping Diagram from a Selection Chart - Top Section

How Water Quality and Seal Selection Affect Hydronic Systems

The water quality in hydronic systems directly affects the performance and life expectancy of the components in the systems. Total dissolved solids (TDS) and pH

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R.L. Deppmann Water Test Sample Kit

The Four Types of Heat Exchanger Failures

Knowing how to prevent heat exchanger failures can help eliminate expensive repairs down the road. Bell & Gossett Chief Product engineer, Marvin P. Schwartz detailed the four

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U-Tube Heat Exchanger

How to Determine Impeller Size with Shut-off Head

Here is a quick way to determine impeller size from the No Flow point on the pump curve. Tools needed: 1) Pump curve. Select the

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Pump Tag with Fields Labeled

Selecting the Proper Glycol Concentration for Closed-Loop HVAC Systems

There are two basic types of glycol protection available for your closed-loop HVAC system: “burst protection” and “freeze protection.” Burst protection is sufficient if the

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