Strategies for Water Use Efficiency – Cooling Tower Selection – Part 1

Bob Van Goor Monday Morning Minutes

Open loop evaporative type Cooling Towers by design create emissions of evaporation and drift. Drift emissions from open-loop evaporative type cooling towers are unavoidable. Stand next to a conventional cooling tower and it feels like you might be taking a shower. The amount of drift can vary depending on tower design and will include any water treatment added (chemicals). [Read more…]

Pump Suction Piping Rules – Cooling Tower Pumps and Piping – Part 8

Norm Hall Monday Morning Minutes

Traditional hydronic piping system designers use tools such as the Xylem Bell & Gossett System Syzer for pipe sizing. You may find this program at Tower manufacturers, the Hydraulic Institute (HI), and Bell and Gossett all suggest lower velocity for pipe selection in cooling tower pump suction piping. Bell and Gossett has several pipe sizing suggestions [Read more…]