Triple Duty Valves
Triple Duty Valves

Triple Duty® valves on your variable speed hydronic pumps

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Bell and Gossett triple duty valves have, for decades, provided a cost effective way to assure there is a non slam check, balance, and shutoff valve on the discharge of your hydronic pump installation. These valves are used to throttle excess head and, therefore, should not be oversized. B&G offers these installation friendly valves in traditional full port model (3DS-S) and in a reduced port version (3DS-B)

Centrifugal Pump Readout Corrections – Part 2

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Last week the Monday Morning Minute introduced some considerations when using gauge readings to compare with your centrifugal pump curves. Today let’s look at some additional corrections. The vertical axis on the pump curve is the total dynamic head (TDH). When taking gauge readings at the pump tappings provided, we must consider three possible contributors to the

Centrifugal Pump Start Up

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You specified the best, Bell and Gossett. The contractor purchased the best, Bell and Gossett. Now how do you make sure it is operating the best! Once a B&G base mounted centrifugal pump is installed in your hydronic system we recommend it be commissioned with a specified check, test, and start-up service. This service, when performed by