Marcus Baby Picture
Marcus Baby Picture

People at Deppmann

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People at Deppmann: Sandra Brunetti, Inside Sales team member, is happy to announce her 7th grandchild, Marcus was born on June 24th, 2015.

R. L. Deppmann Company is now the new Michigan Representative for Lawler Manufacturing, Tunstall & Macon Controls

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Lawler Manufacturing Company manufactures one of the deepest and most time-tested thermostatic mixing valve lines in North America. Tunstall specializes in the manufacturing of interior thermostatic elements for steam traps using state of the art technology. Macon Controls is a complete line of valve sizes and non-electric control models.

Low NOx Boilers in the State of Michigan

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When other states were requiring LoNox on boilers, the Michigan Attorney General was suing the federal government; probably because of the effect of emission regulation would have on the auto industry in Michigan. This would only put off the inevitable and shift the focus to automobile emissions testing that was implemented county by county. Those days are gone. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is presently understaffed and doing the best they can. [Read more…]

NEW PRODUCT: Energy Efficient Ecocirc 19-14 Auto & Vario Heat Circulators

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We are very pleased to announce the addition of the new ecocirc 19-14 heating circulators to our line of energy efficient products. As with the rest of the ecocirc line, this new offering also utilizes Electronically Commutated/Permanent Magnet motors, which by design are more efficient than permanent split capacitor induction motors. This technology also offers more flexibility than standard motors allowing us to add features via software logic rather than hardware that would otherwise add cost.