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Deppmann Projects—See the Difference

While R. L. Deppmann is a stocking manufacturer for commercial buildings and industrial processes, we offer so much more than just parts for a system. Our customers recognize that Deppmann has deep component and system knowledge that can be leveraged during the project planning and bid process. You will find our solutions in a variety of institutional, commercial & industrial applications.  Below are a sampling of our projects:


Notre Dame College – Bell & Gossett Makes History

B&G Still Makes Them Like They Used To

Some engineers or contractors might wonder why someone would pay 10% or 15% extra for a Bell & Gossett pump. This story highlights why.  The owner of Notre Dame College, Tom Meeks was in search of replacement parts for an old pump. After digging through the archives, representative Chris Durfee discovered the part was from 1954!  The Deppmann team was able to quickly provide the part, but more importantly, everyone realized how quality, consistency in design and product longevity created a solution that’s lasted for generations.

Third Man Records – Detroit Presses On!

Providing Solutions with the Tower Tech Cooling Tower

Third Man Records was looking for a hassle-free steaming and cooling system that was energy efficient and quiet, in addition, to have the capacity for a future expansion. The Deppmann team was able to find a solution with limited time and budget constraints.

Little Caesars Arena Pressure Booster Pump

Mastering the SUPER FLUSH - 120 units flush within seconds

The owner and engineer for the Little Caesars Arena were looking for a variable speed pressure booster system that could respond to both very low demand times as well as very high plumbing demands during events. 

St. Mary of the Snows Boiler Replacement

St. Mary of the Snows Boiler Replacement

In 2014, St. Mary’s Parish Council wrestled with choices for their replacement boiler. Several members of the parish who worked in or retired from the HVAC industry showed interest in condensing boilers.

Telluride House – A 56 Year Old Friend Returns

Universal Pump Replacement after 56 Years

In April of 1960, Deppmann sold two Bell and Gossett U4 Universal pumps for installation in the current Telluride Association’s Telluride House. The time had come to replace the pumps and it was important to select the right replacement model.

Jimmy John’s Field – Utica Michigan Baseball Park

Water Heating System with Sump and Effluent Pumps

United Shore Professional Baseball League was building a new ballpark in Utica, Michigan, at the site of a former town dump. The plumbing challenges included providing hot water in the park and elevator pit water removal. The timeline was very tight and there was no room for error.

Kalamazoo County – Gull Road Courthouse Facility

Domestic Water Heating System

The new 85,000 square foot Gull Road Criminal Justice Facility (GRCJF) in Kalamazoo, MI, was completed in January 2016. They needed a water heating system capable of meeting the facility’s demands and turned to R.L. Deppmann for the right solution.

University of Toledo – Honors Academic Village

Water Heating Solution

The University of Toledo Honors Academic Village had an extreme mechanical space limitation for their water heaters. They turned to Deppmann who provided a tankless solution to meet the space requirements. In addition, the solution is saving energy and operating cost.

Hilton Cleveland Downtown

Hydronic, Steam, and Condensate Consulting

The Cuyahoga County Convention Center Hotel (CCCCH) was selected as the site for the 2016 GOP National Convention.This project, which has a tight timeline and unmovable due date, presented several construction challenges. Read on to see how the R. L. Deppmann team rose to the occasion to provide hydronic, steam and condensate consulting and equipment for this nationally visible project.

Detroit Medical Center—Cardiovascular Institute

Domestic Hot Water

The Detroit Medical Center is located in midtown Detroit, Michigan. The project engineer, Harley Ellis Devereaux, and plumbing contractor, Ben Washington and Sons, chose R. L. Deppmann Company and Cemline series SSH water heaters to solve several issues.

William W. Faust Library

HVAC Renovation

When the city of Westland, Michigan, looked for a turnkey HVAC renovation, they looked to Johnson Controls Inc. Johnson wanted the best propylene glycol solution installed in the system while keeping their labor and material costs to a minimum. They found the solution with R. L. Deppmann glycol installation services.

College of Wooster Ohio—Holden Dorm

Pump Modifications

With one of the old pumps failing in the hydronic heating system, The College of Wooster was ready for better efficiency, lower energy bills, and more reliability. The obvious replacement product was a Bell and Gossett, Xylem, Ecocirc-XL inline pump