Training Opportunities

R. L. Deppmann 2017 Training Schedule

  • Pump Control and System Diversity – Lunch Meeting, September, 2017 (Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids)
Building heating and cooling loads often change in dissimilar fashion within a given system. Solar Loads, People Loads, Process Loads, Computer Loads and different uses of a given space may cause one terminal unit to need a lower pumped flow rate while another terminal unit needs a great deal of flow. This advanced seminar explores the effect of diversity on client satisfaction depending on the choices of variable speed pump control, balancing valve specified, and system layout/design. The attendee will leave with a clear pump control “decision tree” to satisfy client comfort and process needs in hydronic designs with diversity.
  • Incorporating Radiant Floor & Snowmelt Systems into the Boiler Room – Lunch Meeting, October, 2017 (Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids)
This class will review key design criteria and industry standards when designing radiant floor heating and snowmelt systems.  We will also explore methods to incorporate these systems into your “normal” boiler room systems.  Finally, we’ll look at ways to utilize these systems to increase the overall boiler room efficiency and system optimization.  The attendee can expect to gain advanced design knowledge as well as new methods to design the most efficient boiler room possible.

Deppmann Conducts More than 100 classes each year

Deppmann provides a series of classes and seminars available to our Owner, Engineer, Contractor, and Wholesaler customers. Together with our manufacturer partners, we can provide standard or customized educational opportunities to meet your training needs.

Below is a short list of courses that are regularly scheduled throughout the year:

  • Hands-on field pump repair
  • Troubleshooting with gauges
  • Boiler operation/maintenance
  • Basic and advanced pumps, air control, boiler/water heater application
  • System balance and flow measurement
  • Variable speed drive applications
  • System water quality

Contact Us to request a class schedule in your area or to request special training.