Water Use Nozzle
Water Use Nozzle

Strategies for Water Use Efficiency – Cooling Tower Selection – Part IV

Bob Van Goor Monday Morning Minutes

Most new chillers can now handle variable flow through the condenser providing many opportunities for operational savings. As the cooling tower is an integral part of this system, it is important to understand the effect of flow rate changes and how to insure your cooling tower can provide optimal savings while operating [Read more…]

Compression Tank and Expansion Tank Selection Examples – Part 10

Norm Hall Expansion & Compression Tanks, Monday Morning Minutes, Tanks

Today, let’s look at a couple of selections and how the tank sizes and costs may vary based on location and type of tank selected. Our examples are shown in figures A & B. In each case we will use a system volume of 1500 gallons of water with a supply temperature of 200°F and 20°F ΔT. The system is 60 feet high and in each case the maximum pressure is 50 PSIG.
[Read more…]