FAQs on Expansion and Compression Tanks – Part 2 of Series

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Here we answer the questions:
Can I use a bladder tank and a steel compression tank in the same system? Adding on to my system, need to increase my compression tank/expansion tank capacity? How do I put another tank in parallel with the existing? Or my existing tank is too small, how do I increase capacity? What happens if the bladder type tank air charge is not increased to the proper fill pressure?
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Types of Tanks – Expansion and Compression Tanks – Part 7

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What is the difference and when should I use them? Let’s start with ASME. In commercial and institutional applications, ASHRAE, as well as most codes require the pressure vessels carry an ASME U stamp. This assures the owner and the owner’s insurance carrier that the vessel was inspected by an independent appraiser and registered with the National Board. [Read more…]