Tank-less Water Heaters for Large Systems

Chris Lieder
October 8, 2012
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Consider domestic water heaters without the cost and space required by large storage tanks. Take a look at the AERCO INNOVATION water heater on your next large project.

Tankless Water Heaters


  • Efficiency between 96% and 99% depending on application. Up to 30:1 turndown
  • 67% less standby loss
  • Precise temperature control. +/- 4 degrees F
  • Reduced cycling
  • Reduced scaling
  • Low NOx and low CO emissions


  • No need for storage tanks or MER mixing valves
  • Side wall and top wall venting on many models
  • Small footprint will fit through a normal door
  • “0” side to side clearance on dual heater installations
  • Lower maintenance

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The Innovation Water Heater product provides consulting specifying engineers, facilities management and building owners with time tested and trusted excellence that the industry has come to expect from both Aerco and the R.L. Deppmann Company


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