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    Condensing Boiler Piping – Part 1

    Printer Friendly (PDF) Over the next several weeks, the Monday Morning Minute articles will focus on the piping side of boiler and water heater layout. We will focus on the Laars products and Aerco products separately, for better clarity about the difference in the product installation. The Laars Neotherm and Rheos + boilers and water heaters are perfect examples of [Read more...]

    Venting Considerations for Condensing Boilers & Water Heaters

    Printer Friendly (PDF) How do I vent my condensing boiler or water heater? What materials should I use? What size vent should I use? The quick answer to all of these questions is “check the manufacturer’s installation manual.” Condensing boilers and water heaters are Category IV appliances so the manufacturer is required to tell you how they want their boiler [Read more...]

    Handling the Condensate from Condensing Boilers

    Printer Friendly (PDF) In past Monday Morning Minutes we introduced the materials of selection and saving operating costs with great turndown ratios. Today our attention is turned to the installation of condensing boilers and handling of the condensate.   A quick way to determine just how well your condensing boiler system is saving the owner money is to go out [Read more...]

    Turndown Ratios in Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters

    Printer Friendly (PDF)      Early hydronic boilers started with on-off control, moved into staging, and many now use modulating control. Each one of these steps has enabled us to increase the seasonal efficiency of boiler plants by reducing the amount on-off cycles. The reason we see these savings is that the pre-purge cycle and post-purge cycle of boilers result [Read more...]

    Materials of Costruction for Condensing Boilers and Water Heaters

    Printer Friendly (PDF)  Before we start discussing materials of construction, there is a point that we need to understand. Any boiler or water heater can and will condense if the return water temperature to the boiler is low enough. A big part of what makes condensing boilers and water heaters so special is that they utilize specific materials that can [Read more...]

    What is the efficiency of my installed condensing boiler or water heater?

    Printer Friendly (PDF) If you answered 97%, you’re not alone. You’re most likely not right, but you’re not alone. Many boiler manufacturers have jumped into the world of condensing boilers, and they brought along their best marketing tools to help differentiate them from the competition. Here’s a quick example of what it takes to achieve 97% efficiency: Using the above [Read more...]

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