Representing Quality Fluid Handling Products
in Michigan and Northern Ohio
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  • About Us

    R. L. Deppmann Company is constantly challenging the future as we enter our 85th year of success in business.

    What we do | Who we are | Our Employees | Our Products and lines | Our Customers | Our History

    What we do

    R. L. Deppmann is a stocking manufacturer representative which sells a variety of products used in heating, cooling, and plumbing systems for commercial buildings as well as many industrial processes. We limit our many services to customers in Michigan and Ohio. Key product groups are pumps, heat transfer devices such as boilers and water heaters, heat exchangers, steam specialties, controls, and valves. These products are used in steam, hydronic, and plumbing systems. Beyond offering products for sale our capabilities include engineers on staff, design assistance, system expertise, troubleshooting, service and repair. The key difference with R. L. Deppmann is our system knowledge coupled with product application knowledge.

    Who we are

    We live our core values though our employees owners. Our customers enjoy a high level of INTEGRITY when purchasing products we represent. We stand behind our word and strive to make every transaction fair to all. We GO BEYOND REQUIREMENTS normally expected by our employees, our suppliers, our customers, and our community. The expertise and knowledge earned during our 82 years in business is shared through our value TO TEACH. We share, through our classes, proper installation, safety, application, system design, and proper application of our products. We PROMISE to provide the right solution for your application.

    Our Employees

    R. L. Deppmann succeeds through the efforts of our employee owners. We are a 100% ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) owned company. Our talent includes engineers, business majors, and trades people. Is it hard to envision an 80 year old company still growing and still changing? Ask any of 70 employee owners with the knowledge built up through our combined 730 years of service. They have the experience you need. A full 15% of our talent came to R. L. Deppmann less than 2 years ago combining experience with new ideas.

    Our Product Lines

    We succeed in our search to represent product lines which fit into our system selling approach. Our major product lines include Bell and Gossett, Aerco International, Bryan Steam, Burnham Commercial, Laars Heating Systems, Cemline, Domestic Pump, Dri-steem, Flexhose, Gould, Griswold Controls and Filtration, Hoffman Steam Specialty, McDonnell & Miller, Metraflex, Rovanco, Tower Tech, Weksler GTC, and many more.

    Our Customers

    We exist to help our customers make better decisions in their mechanical systems. These customers are not just companies but people striving to do what is best for their employers. They trust us. Our customers include stocking wholesalers, contractors, engineers, and owners. You find our products in health care facilities, automotive plants, universities, schools, pharmaceuticals, research, entertainment, hospitality, offices, process plants and many more systems using water or steam.

    Our History

    Raymond L. Deppmann founded the Detroit based R.L. DEPPMANN COMPANY in 1927 as a distributor of oil burners. From the inception of the Company, Ray insisted on 100% customer service and an organization dedicated to continual training for staff and customers. This is a clear foundation for our core value; to teach. In 1929 R. L. Deppmann became the first or second

    stocking representative of Bell and Gossett pumps. Folklore has it that Ray was not the first representative because he held the door open for an equally able friend from another state.

    1945 saw the end of World War II in Europe. The GIs flooded home to loving families and these reunited families looked for new homes with the latest in hydronic comfort heat. The western Michigan builders, engineers, and wholesalers required the R. L. Deppmann expertise and Ray was ready to provide those local services. In 1945 Grand Rapids was the first city in the United States to fluoridate its water and the second city in Michigan to see a R. L. Deppmann branch office open.

    Flint and Saginaw boomed in the 1950s with Flint celebrating its centennial and Saginaw’s population soaring to 100,000. Again the need was there and Ray opened the third branch in 1956 in Saginaw.

    Hydronic heating flourished and engineers started turning away from steam for the comfort and zone control offered by this continually growing HVAC option. R. L. Deppmann became a controls leader with Barber Colman. The combination of B&G specialties with controls required the addition of many engineers and R. L. Deppmann grew tremendously as airports, schools, universities, and a new concept referred to as a shopping mall all turned to R.L. Deppmann for design assistance and ultimately purchased products.

    In 1971 ten key employees purchased the Company from Ray Deppmann. During the time from 1971 to 1991, these gentlemen shaped the Company into the largest and most trusted hydronic representative in Michigan. Always looking to the future this management team started an Employee Stock Ownership Plan in order to offer all employees a piece of this fine Michigan Hydronic and Steam product distributor.

    In 1991, the third management team was elected to move the Company into the future. This group of managers instituted computer technology and focused on a management style to drive authority to the front line employees to continue going beyond the requirements of customers.

    In 2001 R.L. Deppmann Company entered into Ohio starting the fourth facility outside of Cleveland. In 2004 the executive management team implemented a vision referred to as Segmentation. This process changed the company from a traditional branch or geographic management structure to a customer segmented structure. We serve our customers through the distribution, new construction, service and customer service inside sales segments. We turn to our roots and continue the dream of Ray Deppmann with our training and support segments of E3 (engineering specifiers, end user specifiers, and Corporate education) and estimating segments.

    Today R. L. Deppmann is 100% employee owned and the current officers are, Norman E. Hall serving as President, Bob Van Goor as VP of Sales, Joe Smolinski, as Treasurer, and Chris Lieder as Secretary.